Let's Keep Our Water Clean and Safe

Dear Sonoma County Neighbor: 

Did you know that our Sonoma County Department of Health Services wants to add fluoridation chemicals to our public tap water in an attempt to prevent cavities in some of our lower-income kids who currently lack access to good dental care?   

Did you know that water fluoridation, no matter how well-intentioned, is not effective in preventing tooth decay, is costly, and is not safe for our health, the health of our kids, or the health of our environment?  

Everyone in Sonoma County deserves access to safe, effective, individualized dental care. But fluoridation of the entire public water supply without regard for need or safety is the wrong way to deliver dental care to our community.  

Here are just some of the reasons why fluoridating our water is not a good idea, brought to you by the researchers at Fluoride Action Network:   


It's Not Safe:  Recent Science Confirms Serious Health Risks 

The Sonoma County government has identified hydrofluorosilicic acid, an unpurified Class One hazardous waste byproduct of the phosphate fertilizer industry, as the fluoridation chemical it would add to Sonoma County's drinking water.

Major scientific studies from the National Academy of Sciences, Harvard University and other health organizations and universities have proven serious uncertainties and risks from fluoridated drinking water, including decreased childhood IQ, kidney and thyroid disorders, and skeletal fluorosis.  Even the ADA a warns against mixing infant formula with fluoridated water to avoid excessive exposure for infants and their developing bodies and brains.

And what's more, water fluoridation poses a major risk because there's no way to control the dose of these chemicals.  That's because it's impossible to regular how much water people drink -- and therefore, how much fluoridation chemicals they ingest.  This poses an inevitable risk that some people will ingest far too much fluoride, while others won't get the optimal dose proponents say they need.   This is not a safe way to prevent cavities in our children.    

It's Not Effective:  Studies Show Water Fluoridation Does Not Work 

Study after study around the world shows that ingesting fluoride internally is not effective for preventing cavities.  That's because fluoride works topically -- it needs to be put directly on the teeth to be effective.

Across the United States cities that have been fluoridated for decades are still dealing with dental health problems.  And around the world there is no difference in the rate of tooth decay in countries that have used fluoridation chemicals compared to those that have not.  

It's Not Practical:  Over 99% of Fluoridation Chemicals Would be Wasted 

The public water supply is the least efficient delivery mechanism for any substance intended for human ingestion, let alone a controversial medication like fluoride.  

99% of our tap water in Sonoma County goes down the drain, and just a fraction of the remaining 1% that's used for drinking would actually reach the kids who are most in need of better dental care.  That's because most of the lower-income kids in Sonoma County who are suffering from tooth decay don't drink tap water, according to the Sonoma County Water Agency's 2013 Biennial Survey.

There are Better Alternatives For Kids' Teeth

Increasing access to dental care, prevention and education is the only real solution to improving kids' dental health.

Instead of spending millions of dollars to begin fluoridating the public water across Sonoma County, and millions more a year on fluoridation chemicals that are largely wasted and could harm our precious environment, why don't we invest that money in directly dental care that actually reaches at-risk kids? 

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 Fluoridation is an obsolete measure that's simply not worth the risk. 


Let's come together to find

safe, effective ways

to solve dental health problems. 

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